Cirrus SR22 – Softfield Landing


One of the softfield landings i did in 2014 on my second home field – Rakovnik, LKRK, in the Czech Republic. Runway 27’s approach leads over the outskirts of the little town, from the base leg i look into the yard of my company. I use the shorter but better one of the two parallel grass runways, it is about 650 m long and goes uphill a bit.

How do i do it:

  • I always land with full flaps
  • Approach speed for soft field is 77 KIAS, minus 1 kt for each 100 lb under gross weight
  • This results in speeds of 72 to 74 KIAS
  • At touch down i pull the yoke to the stop and try to put no weight on the nose wheel as long as possible

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